Coffee with Nicole

Well, actually it was lunch. Nicole and I chatted over pizza and salad at The Parlour’s favourite lunch spot, Morris East.

What are your Top 5 must have hair products?

  1. Shu Uemura Essence Absolu oil
  2. Kerastase Bain Cristal
  3. Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Treat
  4. Shu Uemura Texture Wave
  5. Kerastase Materialiste

Dream Vacation?

You’re going to laugh. Disneyland with my whole family! (for the record this did not surprise me). It would be so awesome to experience with Sawyer and Cohen (her daughter and nephew), but let’s be real, its for me too.

Top 3 Wardrobe Staples.

  1. High waisted jeans
  2. Oversize watch- the bigger the better
  3. Basic t-shirts

Tea or Coffee? How do you like it?

Coffee. If it’s hot: a little cream and a little sweetener. If its cold: black Americano

Style Icon?

Right now Hailey Baldwin. But my forever icon is J Lo, like Jenny from the Block, J Lo. (She laughs her big, hearty Nicole laugh and tells me that she was all about the bandanas and hoops. I now think of Nicole as P. Diddy J Lo).

Favourite book?

5 Love Languages (she KNEW I would laugh)

Beauty Secret?

Can we say H20? Everyone has said water.


A bright lip (I added this one for her because no one rocks a bright lip like this girl)

Great brows





What do you do for exercise? Wellness?

I love lots of different exercise, love to dance. I’ve started meditation with the Headspace app, it’s like 3 minutes at night and I love it, it says to sit but I have to lay down. I just do it when I’m going to bed.

Guilty Pleasure on Netflix?

Anything ‘real life’ or based on a true story. (I had no idea that all my girls love documentaries!)

So, that’s everyone except me, shall I do Coffee with myself? Maybe! Next up, I want to talk to some of our guests about why they love coming to The Parlour. Want to sit down and talk beauty with me? Shoot me a message, lets do it.

Jacquelyn xo