Haircare as Skincare

Have you ever considered the steps to your skincare routine vs the steps to your hair care? Let me tell you why they should look very similar.

Exfoliation is key. We exfoliate our skin to remove dirt, debris and environmental aggressors to reveal a more vibrant tone and to allow our products to penetrate. For our hair and our scalp, we must do the same. Raise your hand if dry shampoo is life. Keep your hand up if you have well water or like to swim or if you simply move through the polluted world that we call home. To remove this matter and to allow our hair to appear vibrant we need to exfoliate (gently). Try Soin Gommage Renovateur by luxurious Kerastase, this pre shampoo will purify the scalp and detox your hair. Maxi Wash by Kevin Murphy contains tropical fruit acids- AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) to gently buff the hair before shampoo. Your color is safe and your hair will be more reflective and bright when you add one of these beautiful pieces to your regime. More questions? Send them along or ask your stylist next time you come in.

Cleanse. I think you’re all doing this! Shampoo your hair as needed, focus on the scalp. Lather, rinse, repeat if necessary. We carry the best hair care in the world and we would be delighted to make sure you have the perfect shampoo for your hair type and goals. My personal fave is Kerastase Bain Chronologiste. It’s the perfect shampoo for all hair types, it smells like heaven and if you know me I always describe it as a green drink for your hair; it contains the right balance of all the good stuff!

Hydrate. In haircare world I will say condition or masque. Like skincare, your needs will determine if you need a light dose of hydration or if you need a big dose! No matter what your hair type you must not skip this step. Come see us in the salon if you’re reading this and thinking you are an exception- you aren’t.

Ok, next I want you to squeeze the water from your hair. No ROUGHING! Now you are ready to do your make up, I mean your hairs version of make up. Stay with me and I can explain further…

Like you may prime your skin, I want you to prime your hair. You prime your hair to protect it from heat and further treat your hairs needs and set yourself up to execute your style goal. Consider the heat our hair appliances are packing these days, a heat protecting primer is a MUST. My faves are any of the Kerastase Thermiques. These power primers stay effective in the hair for up to 5 shampoos (say whaaaaattttt). I am also obsessed with Shu Uemura Essence Absolu Oil. We have so many options, again, just come see us! After applying your favourite primer you can add something for volume, or more frizz control, or fullness, its your party. As long as your hair is protected first, the rest is all fun and games. These extras are the products I encourage you to play with. The base changes less often. See just like makeup.

Now, blow dry or air dry. Curl or Flat iron. Do whatever you want, you’re protected.

Finish with the final touch. Consider this your lipgloss. Spritz with Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine for shine, duh, or maybe you want to shake it out and add texture with Shu Uemura Texture Wave or sex it up with a little Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair…Voila, you’re fabulous.

See how haircare is similar to skincare? You always start with the basics and add from there. For my higher maintenance sisters consider adding a night serum, again just like skincare! A new fave here at The Parlour from Shu Uemura is Midnight Serum, it is applied nightly, absorbs immediately and works while you sleep. The result: restored softness, hair that is revitalized and ready to be styled. If you’re really feeling like a diva, and crave perfect hair without daily styling, add a Silke and call it a night. Sweet dreams, Gorgeous.

Jacquelyn, xo