Work-Life Balance is a myth

When I decided to start writing a blog my plan was to publish a post once every week because that felt doable. I have a lot to say so how hard could it be to write something I want to share every 7 days? Well, I promised to keep it real so here goes, its harder than I thought. Let’s revisit the last post, remember the one where I told I you my dirty little secret? I have been dealing with that since I wrote about it. I also threw in a quick trip with 3 kids to Quebec City, a baby shower for my beautiful sister and multiple celebrations for my oldest son, Carter’s birthday! Phewf, never a dull moment. Anyway, back to the house stuff…

My main floor was worse than I thought. Full blown, melt down mode bad. The amount of stuff that I purged in garbage bags, donation bags and tears blew my mind. I hit a wall and did something that I have never done before. I asked my fabulous team at The Parlour for some breathing space. I had to take something off my plate. This may sound like no big deal but for me it was a BIG DEAL. My team and I are in contact all of the time. It’s who we are. We share so much more than a workplace. We are cheerleaders, confidantes and often each others family. It’s our culture. So, asking for a little quiet time felt BIG. Here’s what happened, the empowered group of women ran the show business as usual and I began to get my shit together at home. Moral of the story so far: we can do it all just not all at the same time.

My main floor has never looked better! I feel organized, I feel like my personal style is coming through. I am inspired, relieved and dare I say proud of the progress I have made. The kids are even cooperating! Toys are being put away! Coats and footwear are being put away! It’s insane AND amazing and I like it. This week we are starting up the stairs to the bedrooms. I’m terrified all over again, I had to take some time between levels of the house to focus on work, breathe and ramp up for round 2. This is where my clothes live. If you know me, you know I have more than a few staples in my wardrobe. Its time to treat my fashions to the respect they deserve: sweaters will be introduced to new dresser drawers (thanks Ikea), blouses and scarves will be untangled and hung on new hangers and more than a few pieces will be put aside to delight new owners. Anything more than a size bigger or smaller than I am right now will be set free. I’m ready. Kind of. So that’s what is happening on the home front.

At The Parlour the holidays are here! The salon is decorated, the music is setting the tone for the season and one of my favourite events of the year happens this Sunday. For the past four years we have asked you all to be our guest and toast the holidays with your favourite glam squad. Many of you know the day well and mark the third Sunday of November in your calendars each year. The swag bags (free bags of fabulousness) are packed and ready, the bubbly is chilling and the boxes of your favourite products that you can choose FREE when you load $100 on a gift card are ready to be scooped up! You save the tax, raise a glass and let us spoil you for an afternoon (1:00-4:00). This gives me more joy than my sexy new high gloss storage unit AND the navy-blue bookcases combined. That is a BIG DEAL. So, you in? I really hope so.

What do you wanna know about next week? More home stuff or salon talk? Let me know.


Jacquelyn xo