Kérastase Genesis Anti-Breakage Fortifying Serum
Kérastase Genesis Anti-Breakage Fortifying Serum
Kérastase Genesis Anti-Breakage Fortifying Serum
Kérastase Genesis Anti-Breakage Fortifying Serum

Kérastase Genesis Anti-Breakage Fortifying Serum

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* anti hair-fall fortifying scalp serum for weakened hair or to be used as a preventative- hair vitamins direct to the source


A potent serum that improves hair resistance to minimize hair-fall and maximize beautiful hair. It helps to re-anchor hair follicle more solidly into the scalp while building the optimal environment for future growth. Day after day the serum soothes, reinforcing the skin, helping to preserve the natural protective barrier and functions of the scalp. The serum texture facilitates the application and avoids any running of the product. Significant anti hair-fall efficacy after 6 weeks of use by controlling hair shedding. Hair is stronger and more beautiful with a healthier look. *Think vitamins for scalp.



Aminexil 1.5% helps follicle to anchor more solidly into the scalp, preventing collagen from hardening around hair follicle

Edelweiss Native Cells, known for its antioxidant power and collagen preserving properties, it is capable to resist the most extreme conditions

Ginger Root Extract protects against daily external aggressor

Arginine an essential amino acid in hair fibre production, playing and important role in cellular mechanisms to stimulate microcirculation and in nourishing the hair build for optimal future growth

Resveratrol (the pharmaceutical fountain of youth) improves the endothelial functions which promotes blood flow to the hair follicles, reducing hair loss and protecting skin from damage by affording anti-aging properties. Fun fact: this substance is naturally produced in the skin of red grapes, bottoms up red wine lovers, turns out that glass of vino IS good for your health!

Niacinamide (vitamin B3) an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that helps rebuild keratin, enhances the appearance of dry to damaged skin on the scalp by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness and aids in retaining moisture by regulating oil for a more balanced scalp

Caffeine stimulates hair growth while simultaneously stopping hair loss by blocking the effects of DHT which can prevent vitamins, proteins and minerals from helping hair follicles to grow. Caffeine combats DHT by causing hair cells to produce more APT, a form of energy that encourages hair growth. Looks like we're upgrading that grande americano to a venti! Parlour tip: add Bend Collagen + Co Factors to that morning cup of Joe to further encourage healthy growing tresses.


1 dose=1 pipette until the line

Daily: apply 1 dose directly on scalp in the morning or before going to bed during a 6 week period. 


Only on Wash Day: apply 4 doses directly on towel-dried scalp section by section all year long.

Do not rinse. Follow with Leave-In cream to protect strands. During more intense peaks of hair fall, replace serum with Kérastase Genesis Ampoules.


Biological factors such as internal emotional stress, hormonal changes, environmental lifestyle choices, and overall body health can cause fall from the roots. While external factors and daily stressors such as heat-styling and environmental pollution can cause fall from breakage.

"I like to use mine every time I wash my hair so I can give my scalp a dose of vitamins all year long, and 1-2 times a year I switch to the ampoules".