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Kérastase Bain Magistral

Kérastase Bain Magistral

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*shampoo for dry to severely dried-out hair to give fundamental nutrition


Removes impurities and prepares hair before treatment. Hair is deeply nourished providing softness, shine and high manageability for easier detangling and extremely supple texture. 


Benjoin Resin a precious resin secreted by Benjoin tree able to recreate its inner nutrition from within

Ceramides & Xylose protects the fibre and prevents heat damage

Iris Rhizome Extract, the rhizome is an organ of the iris flower which is an ultra-powerful nutritional reserve giving a unique moisturizing and regenerating property to efficiently regulate moisture levels and fight signs of aging by reversing daytime loss of nutrients and protecting from oxidation prolonging the nutrition result

Gluco-Active an optimal dosage in lipids, proteins and glucose that restores the fibres nutritive balance from root to tip, protecting hair from drying out and improving natural oil production steeping in softness while carbohydrates provide an energy boost from the root


Apply to palms, start emulsification and spread throughout scalp/roots on damp hair, cleanse, rinse. Repeat.


Masque Magistral. When paired together this duo creates an immunization for your strands against future dryness.