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Kérastase Fondant Densité

Kérastase Fondant Densité

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*lightweight conditioner for fine, thin or thinning hair visibly lacking density


Lightweight, silky conditioner replenishes hair to provide texture, substance and resilience for an immediate bodifying effect by amping up the hair density! Detangles and replenishes while still providing immediate body. Hair feels light and fluid. 


10 days: more body

30 days: more density

90 days: more than 1700 new hairs-increased number of hair per cm2


Stemoxydine mimics the oxygen-deficient environment required for stem cells activity to function properly in order to stimulate and awaken the dormant hair follicles, revealing up to 1000 new hairs

Power Renewal Complex + Ceramide Technology to restore and strengthen the hair fiber

Hyaluronic Acid a natural salt that retains up to 1000x its weight in moisture for weightless hydration and resilience to plump the hair 

Intra-Cylane minerals which strengthen the structure of the hair from inside through a 3-dimensional framework

Gluco-Peptide enters the deepest layers of the cuticle to compensate surface irregularities for restoration of smooth uniformity to the hair cuticle to increase shine and resiliency, hair is texturized

Ceramides for strengthening the hair fiber while protecting against further hair stress

Complex Glycan molecules responsible for cellular regeneration and fibre diameter-the higher the glycans concentration, the thicker the hair


Apply a hazelnut-sized amount on pre-cleansed hair after pressing water out thoroughly. Leave for 1-2 minutes. Rinse.

Tip: Conditioner is topical acting, therefor its effects last 24 hours. For a more internal conditioning agent with a longer lasting power check out our Masks. We love to mask after cleansing, rinse, and then follow with a conditioner to seal in all the goodness. 


Kérastase Bain Densité.

"We call this collection filler for your hair. Who could say no to that."