Kérastase 8H Magic Night Serum
Kérastase 8H Magic Night Serum
Kérastase 8H Magic Night Serum

Kérastase 8H Magic Night Serum

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*an overnight leave in serum to give your strands the beauty sleep it deserves


Intensifies the restorative power of sleep to nourish and repair overnight with the moisturizing power of a mask that doesn't require washing.

This overnight leave-in serum gives a nourishing boost to dry hair deeply penetrating the fibre over 8 hours for 100% absorption to restore hair's balanced nutrition levels. The lightweight creamy texture suits all hair types helping detangling with reduced pillow friction and providing better manageability. Applied at night, hair progressively absorbs the nutrients of the nourishing serum to reverse daytime depletion. In the morning, hair is nourished, visibly softer and easier to style, with a lightweight satin finish. 

5 Vitamin Blend provides progressive nutrient penetration, meaning there is a time release cycle:

After 2 hours: Floral notes start to release, designed to enhance relaxation at night.

After 6 hours: Soft, smoothing effect as nutrients begin to absorb and correct todays aggressors.

After 8 hours: Energizing agents envelop the senses upon waking as vitamin B complex has anchored into the fibre sealing the cuticle to prevent depletion and environmental factors during the day.


Iris Florentina Root Extract intensely restores, reconstructs and hydrates by providing powerful antioxidants and anti-aging properties resurrecting brittle hair, improving elasticity and the hairs ability to retain moisture, preventing future damage from dryness

Vitamin B3 enhances the appearance and feel of hair by increasing suppleness and sheen while also improving texture by helping to rebuild fibres natural keratin and protein synthesis, because of its ability to support cell turnover B3 can initiate DNA repair supporting the healing of damage caused by sun and other external factors

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein Derivative creates a strong affinity with the hair fibre  restores uniformity and smoothness

Safflower Oil Extract with Oleic and Linoleic Acid (Omega 6) an essential fatty acid, strengthens and repairs damage by rebuilding hair’s healthy structure and functionality, a readily absorbed natural oil which penetrates each individual strand providing an intense injection of hydration and nutrition where its needed most 


Apply 1-2 pumps, depending on length and fullness of hair, to mid-lengths and ends before nightfall. Do not rinse out. Will not transfer to pillowcase or weigh hair down and is completely absorbed by morning. You can use in the morning, however, we highly recommend nighttime application as the serums functions are at its highest efficiency when used during downtime, ie. whilst you sleep, so external factors are not disrupting its process of absorption or time release cycles.


Protects from external factors that deplete and damage by correcting the days damage and preventing the next days damage. By using this during downtime it reverses daytime loss of nutrients, allowing nutrients time to fully penetrate, replacing moisture that’s been stripped away by styling, environmental factors and aggression. Pillowcase friction, heat, air pollutions, air-conditioning or dry heat conditions can dehydrate hair, causing it to be frizzy and split.


Cilque 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase. Using both an overnight serum + a silk pillowcase you can virtually reverse pollution damage, prevent friction breakage and wake up to silky, smooth tresses.

Can be added to any hair regime. Its the missing link if you don't already have it. Check out our other overnight serums in our HAIR drop down menu under NIGHTFALL.

"My nightly routine includes brushing my hair and ALWAYS using an overnight serum, I really notice a difference the morning after"