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Kérastase Genesis Bain Nutri-Fortifiant

Kérastase Genesis Bain Nutri-Fortifiant

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*anti hair-fall shampoo for dry, weakened hair


A fortifying shampoo for weakened hair prone to falling due to breakage. This rich formula forms a generous foam removing dirt and excess of oil while providing intense nourishment for dry hair. Its gentle cleansing action soothes and nourishes root, reinforcing and strengthening the fibre for intense resilience to reduce risk of hair-fall, leaving hair prepared to be treated, nourished and fortified with a fuller and healthier look. 

  • 93,3% less breakage
  • 93,3% more resistant
  • 93,3% stronger hair
  • 49% increase of softness
  • Reduced hair-fall due to breakage by 93.3%
  • 65% more hydrated/nourished hair
  • 49% increase of softness


Edelweiss Native Cells, known for its antioxidant power and collagen preserving properties, it is capable to resist the most extreme conditions

Ginger Root protects against daily external aggressor

Dipeptide (DDBD), a tripeptide derivative (a 3 amino acid peptide) that mimics the polypeptide found in snake venom, which can achieve a Botox-like effect used as a skin conditioning agent for an ageless scalp

Salicylic Acid prevents sebum buildup, reducing risk of clogged follicles and formation of dandruff, keeping scalp free of dead skin cells

Acetic Acid, an Alpha Hydroxy Acid(AHA) aids in gently exfoliating skin helping smooth and improve skin texture as well as absorbing excess oils, unplugging blocked pores, by balancing the skin's pH levels


Apply to wet scalp, lather, rinse. Repeat.


Kérastase Genesis Masque Reconsitituant. When paired together the duo works in tandem to modify and plump the fibre.