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Kérastase Spécifique Bain Divalent

Kérastase Spécifique Bain Divalent

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*a daily balancing shampoo to treat oily roots


A gentle scalp cleanser with a creamy, lightweight formula that soothes and balances the scalp, calming oiliness while nourishing hair that is sensitized by frequent washing and styling, sun exposure or colour processing. Scalp is left purified, balanced and nourished with 82% clean-ability for that healthy, clean feel. Adds 61.5% more volume at roots, softens hair fibre by 44% and facilitates detangling by 20%.

After 15 years of research, Kérastase decodes scalp microbiome: the answer to boost scalp and hair's health potential. A beneficial ecosystem of living bacteria naturally present on the skin surface. When the microbiome is in balance, the scalp defends and heals itself.


Menthol refreshes and energizes scalp

Vitamin B6 prevents hair and scalp from drying out by cleansing and balancing oily roots without stripping moisture

Salicylic Acid prevents sebum buildup, reducing risk of clogged follicles and formation of dandruff, keeping scalp free of dead skin cells

Amino Acids, provides a dual action of actives with unique hair affinity to regulate sebum cycle and rebalance hydration
They are responsible for :
- Gentle cleanse : it attracts and traps dirt in micelles and it balances healthy pH levels allowing to cleanse gently
- Intense care : High affinity with hair protein diffuses care deep into the fibre
Acts both as a conditioning & reinforcing active ingredient.
Improves the hydrophobicity of weakened hair thanks to its ability to absorb & hold water molecules, protecting from environmental aggressors.

Fumaric Acid relieves skin discomfort associated with psoriasis, reduces inflammation, and helps calm itching and discomfort 


Apply to wet scalp, lather, rinse. Repeat.


Kérastase Spécifique Argile Equilibrante. This hair cleansing duo is specifically formulated to support hair freshness. Alternate with Bain Divalent for freshness 24/7.