Kérastase Résistance Sérum Extentioniste

Kérastase Résistance Sérum Extentioniste

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*Strengthening scalp and hair serum for stronger fiber from the roots


A highly concentrated hair serum designed as a scalp treatment to promote a healthy scalp. Enriched with Ceramides that stimulate the growth of healthy and strong hair follicles. Also acts as a hair straightening serum to add smoothness and softness to hair.  Created to balance roots and ends, purify and protect the scalp while promoting a healthy scalp environment.


Creatine an amino acid that penetrates deep to reinforce the internal structure of the hair fibre

Ceramides provide surface recovery, assuring beautiful hair fibre as they smooth and soften

Taurine, an amino acid with a protective effect on the hair fibre to help ensure visibly healthy and stimulated scalp environment

Maleic Acid very small particles that penetrate the fibre to reinforce and seal cuticle with a uniform sealant from root to ends.


Apply to cleansed hair directly on the scalp using the pipette. 1-3 pipettes. Focus on hairline first and then create sections throughout scalp. Massage into the skin of the scalp. If you find its dripping down your neck or face then you are using too much!

Use every time you wash your hair up to 3x per week.

"Think vitamins for your scalp".

Pro tip: There are 3 lines within the Kérastase Résistance collection for damage. Here is the simple breakdown to know which one is best for what type of damage:

  • Force Architecte: for damage from heat/thermal tools
  • Extentioniste: for damage from split ends
  • Therapiste: for damage from chemical/bleach


Kérastase Bain, Fondant and Masque Extentioniste.

    Our Hair Training Program to gain +4cm in 3 months require the Extentioniste Routine to target roots, lengths and ends by stimulating the scalp, then gently detangling lengths while reinforcing and finally sealing ends for hair that is as full and strong at the tips as it is at the root. Your at-home workout includes the following equipment that gets you to your goal faster, each component playing a vital part:
    1. The Activating Shampoo Bain Extentioniste
    2. The Fortifying Mask Masque Extentioniste
    3. The Strengthening Conditioner Fondant Extentioniste
    4. The Scalp activation Sérum Sérum Extentioniste
    Wash scalp twice. Follow with masque for 3-5 minutes. Rinse well and follow with a drop of Fondant. Rinse with cold water if you can handle it. Apply serum to roots and leave in. Follow with a leave in cream best suited for you hair type or Extentioniste Thermique. To further boost results you should have 3 in-salon hair protocol treatments consecutively within 3-4 months time. 1/month ideally. 
    Extra steps you can take:
    5. Nighttime routine brush hair with boar bristle brush and apply overnight serum to protect from friction and breakage while sleeping, add a 100% silk pillowcase to seal the deal!
    6. Drink Water and plenty! Your hair can get dehydrated as well as our body.

    "I ended the 4 month hair training program with the Balmain 5 Week Enriching Hair Treatment-now my hair is like Rapunzel hair and I couldn't be happier"!