Coffee with Jacquelyn

Yes, that’s right, Jenna came over with coffee (and sweet Ambrose of course), we had manis and she interviewed me. Read on to find out more about yours truly as told to Jenna, Next up, I want to feature some of our industry gals as well as some of our favourite guests. We hope you will join us.

Top 5 Must Have hair products?

  1. Shhhowercap
  2. Shu Uemura BB Cream
  3. Kerastase Bain Chronologiste
  4. Kerastase Masque Chronologiste
  5. Shu Uemura Essence Absolu Oil

Dream Vacation?

Ok, there are two, I’m not set on the location but I would say one would have to be rich in culture and heavy on shopping. The other would be to do nothing but yoga and reading on a beach. Both would be alone. (she looks at me and says, is that selfish? I say nope, not at all.)

Top 3 Wardrobe Staples.

  1. Lots of prints and patterns. Perfect for mixing together!
  2. Scarves. Oversized preferably.
  3. Oversize sunglasses. (she’s favouring a pair of Victoria Beckham right now)

Tea or Coffee? How do you like it?

Coffee. Black. Period.

Style Icon?

Ok, I have a vibe. Not so much one person, I love fashion and styling so much. (she scrolls through Insta to see who’s vibe she’s is feeling right now) Oh, do you follow Jacey Duprie? She used to be Damsel in Dior, I love her! Also, Brooke Carrie Hil. SJP is always my vibe and oh, Iris Apfel is totally who I will be when I’m old!

Favourite book?

I love so many books. In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney (she gave me this one at Christmas), Love Style Life by Garance Dore, Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht, Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen. I love wellness books, beautiful books, business books, I always have 10 on the go and I rarely finish any of them. I love being surrounded by books.

I love a good Sex and the City type beach read too- keep it light.

Beauty Secret?

I have to say water, I know we all have said that because its TRUE! Dehydrated isn’t beautiful. Drink lots of it!

Big sunglasses.


Sweat and wine.

What do you do for exercise? Wellness?

I love exercise, like LOVE it. Over the past year I have had a hard time making it a priority, so my regime lately includes lifting Carter’s goalie bag up the stairs and into my car, wrestling Enzo into his carseat, carrying baby Laurenn and a hot yoga class 1-2 times/week. For wellness, its hot water and lemon in the morning, wine and girl talk every chance I get.

Guilty Pleasure on Netflix?

Same as books, I like to keep it light, I love Grace and Frankie, Scandal, The Good Wife. I also do what Jenna does, I can rewatch the same movies over and over, anything with SJP or Meryl Streep! Oh, and not Netflix but I am currently OBSESSED with listening to podcasts.

So, there you have it! What shall I post about next? What do you guys want to read about? Styling tips? How to get healthier hair? How we interact as a group? Tell me.

Jacquelyn, xo