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Raising the standard and building a community for all who take beauty and wellbeing seriously. We love to support your hair dreams. The health and integrity of your strands is our top priority, always! Check out our Treatment Menu to see our selections of customizable scalp & hair treatments. 


All prices listed are the starting price of the service.

Please reserve a complimentary consultation for more specific inquiries.

We love to see you in person!

Women's Cuts | $65+

Colour (up to 2oz) | $70+

Balmain Colour Spa Treatment (up to 2oz) | $80+

Advanced Couleur Couture. Includes take-home treatment for your
first wash post service.
Ask us for details at your next visit.

1/2 Foils | $85+

Full Foils | $100+

Specialty (teasy-lights, balayage/hand painting, colour corrections) | $110+

Ribbons (mini balayage/hand painting) | $75+

Parlour Signature Blow Out | $40+

Parlour Signature Blow Out With Extensions or hair requiring excess time | $50

Iron Add On | $20

Overlay | $30

Olaplex | $20

Multiplies bonds within the hair structure during a lightening process to minimize
loss of protein bonds; steps 1 & 2 used as a preventative in salon only.
Used at our professional discretion.
Can be used with a treatment to further enhance efficacy, performance and protection 

Updo | $80

Hair Additions & Extensions | requires consultation 

A consultation is required before reserving an extension application.
This allows us to customize your service for the very best result.

Treatment Menu

Our treatments are customizable to your specific scalp/hair concerns.
We evaluate and diagnose accordingly so you get the very best treatment
to target any problem areas by correcting, preventing and protecting.
Our treatments last 4-6 weeks. 
We take into consideration your skin, hair type, hair density and lifestyle
when prescribing which treatment will best suit. 

Kérastase Fusio Dose Treatment | $35

*Tailored specifically to correct, protect & prevent

Kérastase Scalp Scrub | $25

*An exfoliant to promote cell turnover

Kérastase Scalp Clay | $25

*Balances, purifies and detoxifies to prevent/correct oxidative stress

Spa Treat (Scalp scrub OR clay + Fusio Dose) | $50

Oribe Renewal Remedies Treatment | $50

*Custom blended for lustre and polish

Kérastase Hair Caviar Treatment | $50

*An anti-aging ritual for scalp & hair

Scalp Refresh | $40

*Scalp scrub, followed by scalp clay. Rebalances scalp microbiome for a refreshed, deeply cleansed and purified scalp. 

Balmain Enriching Hair Treatment | $50

Ultimate Treatment (Scalp scrub or clay + Hair Caviar) | $70

Balmain 5 Week Treatment | $234

*Restructures the inside of the hair strand and resurfaces the outside;
1 dose/week scalp-end to ensure all new connections within the
protein chain are sealed. Series done at home.
More info can be found in our SHOP HAIR drop down menu
under At-Home Treatments.


Here is your daily reminder to drink water Parlour beauties! Hydration is vital for the proper daily functions of your body-hair included!  Parlour tip: add a slice of cucumber and mint leaf for an ultra refreshing sip. Make it a Parlour experience by serving in a chilled fancy glass and Voilà-haute H2o!