Agent Nateur & Dr. Will Cole Holi (Mane) Supplement
Agent Nateur & Dr. Will Cole Holi (Mane) Supplement

Agent Nateur & Dr. Will Cole Holi (Mane) Supplement

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*daily supplements combined in powder for hair, skin and nails


Enhance your natural allure with holi (mane) for flourishing hair, radiant skin and resilient nails. Our exclusive product combines two daily powerhouse super foods: marine collagen and pearl powder. This odorless and nearly tasteless blend is abundant in over 30 trace minerals, including silica, magnesium, calcium and potassium that support the appearance of optimal hair, skin and nail health. Bioavailable amino acids activate the feel of hair, skin and nail cells to produce collagen and hydration. Nacre, a natural compound in pearl powder, stimulates the appearance of collagen to regenerate. The synergy of this nutrient-dense blend also supports the appearance of two important antioxidants, glutathione and superoxide dismutase, both essential for vitality. 300 grams (1 month or 30 day supply)

Beneficial for the following concerns:

  • dull, fragile hair
  • skin volume
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • dehydrated skin
  • uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation
  • brittle nails
  • hair shedding 


(As we age, natural collagen production slows down from 25 years onwards)

1. Collagen increases the elasticity of hair and hair follicles -collagen is an amino acid, and all of your hair follicles need these amino acids to produce keratin. This protein promotes hair growth, strength, and elasticity so ensuring strong levels of collagen in the body can help you to promote your hair strength.

2. Collagen strengthens the layer of skin that contains the hair root - collagen may help the appearance of age-related hair loss and thinning because it makes up around 70% of the dermis (the middle layer of skin that contains the root of each hair follicle). This helps promote optimally healthy blood vessels in the dermis, which allows for better diffusion of nutrients in the follicle. Collagen supplements help support strong foundations for hair follicles, delivering your hair the nutrients they need.

3. Collagen revitalizes the look of hair follicles - collagen is a natural antioxidant which means that it neutralizes any damaging free radicals in the body that can also play a major part in the fight against the appearance of hair loss. Collagen, alongside the pearl powder in the product, another powerful antioxidant, both work to neutralize these damaging free radicals, which helps hair follicles.


Pearl Powder is the richest source of calcium on the planet. When ingested, this oceanic adaptogen stimulates the appearance of collagen production and regeneration for youthful, clear skin and healthy hair and nails. Its high magnesium content elevates the appearance of GABA levels to lessen the look of oxidative stress that leads to premature aging and boosts the mood.

Marine Collagen is an absorbable, sustainable type 1, 2, 3 and 4 collagen derived from the scales of wild-caught, deep-sea fish. natural ingredients has been shown to accelerate the appearance of hair and nail growth, boost skin, support healthy joints, and reduce the feel of inflammation throughout the entire body. Derived from non-gmo wild-caught kosher cod, pollock and haddock

  • non-gmo and gluten-free
  • petrochemical-free
  • suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding but always check with your doctor first


Add 1 scoop (13 grams) to any raw food or beverage including—but not limited to—matcha, coffee, smoothies, sauces, desserts, and dressings. 


KAFFE FROTHER to easily blend collagen powder in seconds!


Marine collagen is also absorbed up to 1.5 times more efficiently than other types of collagen. It is also super jam-packed with 8 out of 9 essential amino acids that the body needs - including glycine and proline, both critical building blocks for the body to create collagen.

We only use non-agglomerated collagen.

Type 1 collagen is the most abundant source of collagen found in the human body and is the one most known for good hair, skin and bone health.
Type 2 is most important for joint health because it builds cartilage and a recent trial found that people who ingested type II collagen for 6 months on a consistent basis saw reduction in pain and joint stiffness in their physical function.
Type 3 is awesome for skin health and works alongside Type 1 collagen to build the skin, vessel walls and the fibers of nearly all tissues in the body.
Type 4 focuses on building out the basement membrane of our cells and works as a ‘scaffold’, as well as helping with cell survival, movement, adhesion and more.