5 Week Enriching Hair Treatment
5 Week Enriching Hair Treatment
5 Week Enriching Hair Treatment

5 Week Enriching Hair Treatment

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*for all hair types


A haircare treatment for regeneration and revitalization within 5 weeks, this soft, lightweight, versatile lotion helps to revitalize and restore hair to its most youthful, radiant appearance. Seals the hair cuticle, gives body and elasticity while reconstructing the hair fibre. Simply put this will transform your hair from the inside out by restructuring the inside and resurfacing the outside of the hair shaft. 


Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil (Argan Elixir) originated from Morocco from Argan tree fruits, absorbs into hair and due to its versatile composition adds shine to hair, strengthens and protects damaged hair revitalizing chemicals treated, damaged and dry hair as well as split ends. Gives hair UV protection. Antioxidant and skin-friendly.

Hydrolyzed Silk Protein (a glycol-protein extracted from raw silk which contains 17 of the 19 amino acids naturally found in hair) which “fills” the gaps between hair cuticles to make hair more resistant to breakage, hydroxy amino acids creates moisture preservation and retention, improves metabolism of the epidermis by activating skin regeneration (healthy scalp=healthy hair), shields hair from damaging elements, replenishes hair with cysteine:an essential amino acid that boosts keratin production at a molecular level and silk peptides have antioxidant properties meaning anti-aging

Succinic Acid (a natural catalyst for cellular transformation) bactericidal and antioxidant, slows and inhibits the loss of ions and potassium, improves hydration and greasiness, increases firmness and elasticity, regenerates and stimulates the metabolism and prevents the formation of free radicals, cleans the cells, promotes the elimination of toxic substances and helps deliver silk protein and creates a protective layer around each protein chain

Glycolic Acid (AHA-Alpha Hydroxy Acid) reverses the signs of aging, removes outer layer of dead skin cells to reveal renewed skin, stimulates cell turnover, essential for preventing and reversing signs of aging, improves protection and manageability creating less friction and tangles, strengthening and preventing breakage, maintains moisture levels, stays stronger at high temperatures when heat styling and restores pH levels in hair and scalp


Each tube is a measured single application of the treatment. Use one application instead of the usual rinse out conditioner once a week for 5 weeks. Apply generously after shampooing onto the hair from root to end. Leave in for 10-15 minutes and rinse. Due to its skin-grade ingredients this is ideal for the skin of the scalp so don’t be afraid to really indulge the scalp and hair. Will not weigh hair down.


The loss of protein in hair is not specifically related to lightening, colour-treating, or chemically-treating hair. It can happen from sun, salt water, well water, chlorine, thermal tools + pollution can cause loss of proteins. In order to repair that damage, protein needs to be added, however it is too big of a molecule to penetrate and support the integrity of hair. Which means protein needs to undergo a process called hydrolysis. This breaks down the protein molecules into tiny little fragments with a lower molecular weight so hair can actually absorb it and allow it to replace the protein, once hydrolyzed. (In other words-don’t put eggs on your hair).


Balmain Gold Styling Comb. Use this 24KARAT gold plated comb to evenly distribute treatment throughout the lengths.

“I have always valued the health and integrity of my hair over anything else. This treatment is truly different. My hair feels renewed, it is soft and full, and is so shiny that people have been noticing. It’s awesome”.