Balmain Couleurs Couture Conditioner
Balmain Couleurs Couture Conditioner

Balmain Couleurs Couture Conditioner

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*conditioner for colour treated hair


Conditioner for colour-treated, damaged or over processed hair. The carefully selected ingredients repair and strengthen the hair deeply from within. The advanced formula moisturizes the hair and leaves the hair smooth and without frizz. Cashmere Protein (Hydrolyzed Keratin) is a hair-identical protein. It strengthens the cohesion of hair and improves the ease of combing through the hair while avoiding breakage.   


Sunflower Seed Oil, enriched with Vitamin E, provides antioxidant advantages that neutralizes free radicals and promotes colour longevity

Aloe Vera enhances the appearance of dry and damaged hair by reducing flaking which restores suppleness

Quinoa Oil contains in abundance of essential fatty acids and vitamins, conditions repairs, nourishes and acts as an antioxidant

Silk Amino Acids & Cashmere Protein (Hydrolyzed Keratin) active ingredients which stimulates optimal moisture retention within hair cells, when combined with powerful antioxidants the perfect synergy of ultimate hydration and protection is created, intensely regenerated and deeply revitalized making hair shine with captivating radiance 

Macademia Seed Oil, containing Vitamins A1, B1 and B2, nutrient rich, fast absorbing, nourishes, conditions, repairs, moisturizes and acts as an antioxidant

Coco Nucifera Oil (Hydrolyzed Coconut Oil) carrier of Monoi Oil, penetrates into the hair shaft easily due to the low molecular weight, cools the scalp and retains moisture due to the anti-evaporating nature Note: this is not equivalent to putting straight up Coconut Oil on the skin, scalp or hair.

Argan Elixir a natural anti-ageing ingredient, creating lustrous looking shine, repairs and protects damaged, dry and weak hair form environmental extremes working as a protective barrier and locks in moisture


Apply to towel-dry cleansed hair, massage softly and rinse thoroughly after 3 minutes. Pro tip: mix a few drops of Balmain Overnight Repair Serum to create the effects of a mask for deeper vibrancy, protection and hydration.


Balmain Couleurs Couture Shampoo.

"The Couleurs Couture collection is perfect for my hair as I am on well water, colour my hair every 4 weeks and am an avid outdoor lover. It keeps my hair shiny and feeling like I've had a treatment every time I use it"!