Cilque Pillowcase Queen-Grey

Cilque Pillowcase Queen-Grey

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*silk pillowcase


Made of 100% mulberry silk, with a modern design and elegant piping. Now you can defy wrinkles, defy sleep creases and prolong that Parlour signature blowout.        


• Machine washable and durable.
• Hypoallergenic and breathable.
• Cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
• Revitalizing for skin and hair.
• Provides a soft and luxurious sleep.
• Fits a standard/queen size pillow. 50 x 75cm


All material absorbs moisture from our skin and hair causing wrinkles and dehydration while also causing hair to be frizzy, broken and rough to the touch. Our scalp has receptors that receive and transduce signals from the internal hair structure to scalp. When hair is dry, the scalp receives a SOS signalling the scalps sebaceous glands to produce more sebum to naturally nourish the dry ends. This sounds cool. But what's really happening is the roots are getting more oily while the ends continue to dry out because that material is absorbing moisture, naturally and enhanced (treatments, etc) all night long.

100% silk is the only material on the planet that doesn't actually absorb moisture, lessening friction, breakage and dehydration!

But forewarned, there are many knockoffs. Satin, a faux-silk alternative commonly poses as silk but still absorbs + causes static.  


Overnight Serum. Check out our NIGHTFALL section in the HAIR drop down menu under HAIR GOALS for all of our overnight products. Pairing a silk pillowcase with an overnight serum will enhance your beauty sleep to a whole other level by virtually reversing pollution damage, preventing friction and breakage! Wake up to silky, smooth tresses!

"I spent a weekend away, not thinking to bring my silk pillowcase with me...let's just say I'll never do that again".