GA.MA Italy Professional iQ Perfetto Hairdryer
GA.MA Italy Professional iQ Perfetto Hairdryer

GA.MA Italy Professional iQ Perfetto Hairdryer

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The lightest professional hair dryer. It weighs only 294g / 10.37 oz. It is ergonomic and compact, designed to prevent muscle damage to arms and shoulders. Equipped with the latest and most innovative technologies, such as Oxy Active technology, iQ Perfetto gives hair well-being, shine and long-lasting colour. Guarantees very high-performance, combined with the construction features and design to the best Italian quality.


Intelligent Brushless Motor, an interface with digital control technology that increases product performance, reducing drying time by 30% compared to any other hair dryer currently available. A hi-tech self-diagnosis system allows you to easily identify and solve any operational problems.

Auto-Clean Technology rotates the engine turbine in the opposite direction, allowing deep self-cleaning of the filter. Through the

Venturi Effect, iQ multiplies the airflow delivered by the engine, dispensed by the motor via vacuum effect without using extra power.

Memory Function Technology, a convenient speed and temperature memory system to recall previously selected settings among the 12 possible configurations. All this is easily managed thanks to its LED display. 

Motor Speed 110.000rpm (7x faster than traditional hair dryers)

Oxy-Active Technology emits active oxygen that acts like a powerful anti-bacterial

Speed & Temperature Settings, 3 speeds, 3 temperatures + cool shot. Has a temperature setting to improve the motor's performance and useable lifecycle.

3m Long Cord, professional and ultra-resistant cord that allows greater freedom of movement

Ultra-Compact air outlet diameter: 46mm, width: 193.5mm, height: 166.8mm

2000w 220-240v~


Balmain Round Brush + heat protection.

Did you know your hair dryer temperature is hot enough to cook roast beef? Consider taking that out of the oven without oven mitts. You'd never. Make sure you're always using heat protection before any heat styling-hair dryer included! A common misconception we hear from clients is that they don't use heat protection prior to drying. Consider your heat protection to be your oven mitts for your hair. Protect those strands for your healthiest hair yet! We have so many to choose from in all different product consistencies for all hair types, textures and densities. You can find them in our Hair drop down menu under Heat Protection. 

"We knew after just one use we HAD to have this dryer. It's sleek and sexy, super powerful and unbelievably lightweight".